The Textlationship , Part 1 – Approach

This is a story about how Lucy got asked out for the second time over Twitter.  It gets quite interesting.  I think you’ll like it. Regular readers of this blog will remember the tale of Beardy Al, who got chatting with Lucy on Twitter after she took the piss out of… Tell me more

Mr Monday, Part 4 – Reunion

Since the failure of her dates with The Separated Dad and The Entrepreneur, it’s been a while since Lucy got any bedroom action, and she’s starting to feel a little twitchy. So she decides to see if Adam, her new Friend With Benefits, might be willing to offer his services… Tell me more

The Entrepreneur

Since things didn’t work out with Pardeep the Separated Dad, and since Lucy is still out of work and looking for fun excuses to put on actual clothes and venture into the outside world, she’s logged back into Guardian Soulmates to see if any other interesting-looking guys have messaged her.… Tell me more

The Separated Dad, Part 4 – Crazy Golf

Last week Lucy went on a second date with Pardeep, who is recently separated and has a two-year-old son.  If you missed this, you can catch up here. After an inauspicious start, the date was surprisingly Not Shit.  Pardeep’s a sweet guy, a bit naive, but well-meaning, charming, and good… Tell me more

The Separated Dad, Part 3 – Feminism

Lucy’s had one date with Pardeep, who’s recently split up from his wife and has a two-year-old son. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Lucy was rather perturbed to discover that not only is Pardeep just six months separated and not actually divorced yet, but he also… Tell me more

The Hipster

Lucy has been back on Guardian Soulmates and has been approached by a man who may very possibly be an atrocious hipster. In his photos, Malcolm is sporting a variety of tweed jackets, brogues, and bowties. He also has an ample, luxurious and neatly trimmed beard.   In other words, all… Tell me more

The Separated Dad, Part 2 – Ambush

Lucy has a date with Pardeep, who is a tall, dark, and handsome chap that she found on Guardian Soulmates. To read how this happened, click here. Lucy has spent the week working from home in her pyjamas, so she’s pretty excited to have an excuse to put actual clothes… Tell me more

10 Questions With Lucy by Tinderella Worldwide

Have you been wondering who is the real Lucy behind the stories?  Who is the woman behind the giraffe avatar and all the swearing?  If you have, you’re not alone. A few weeks ago Lucy was approached by a lovely lady called Zainab from Tinderella Worldwide.  Zainab is a dating… Tell me more

The Separated Dad, Part 1 – Red Flags

It’s October, and Lucy’s received another message from a guy on Guardian Soulmates.  His name is Pardeep, he’s 39, and he’s tall, dark and handsome. (To read about Lucy’s other Soulmates adventures, click here). On top of his more obvious qualities, Pardeep has taken the time to actually look at her… Tell me more

The Right-Wing Racist

After the recent story about Lucy’s attempt to find love by rejoining Guardian Soulmates, here’s one from the archive, about Lucy’s previous foray into the world of left-of-centre dating. It’s 2015, and Lucy’s been single for about 6 months after The Ex ended their 5-year relationship.  After some time spent… Tell me more