Mr Monday, Part 3 – Satisfaction

Lucy is midway through her first hookup with her new FWB, Adam, also known as Mr Monday.  If you missed it, you might want to catch up here before continuing. Lucy hadn’t seen Adam in almost a year, so she was pretty fucking nervous about the whole thing.  To agree… Tell me more

Mr Monday, Part 2 – Arrival

Lucy’s been looking for a new Friend With Benefits. This isn’t Lucy’s normal style. She’s not really the kind of girl who wants to sleep around, or have a succession of random men passing through her bed.   But she also has, you know, physical needs, and while she continues the… Tell me more

Mr Monday, Part 1 – Suggestion

Some of you will remember Peter, Lucy’s first ever Friend With Benefits. Lucy’d never had a Friend With Benefits before, but after spending more than two years single, getting fucking RSI from all the swiping and texting, and probably also veering dangerously close to liver failure from all the drinking,… Tell me more