Friends With Benefits, Part 5 – Disappointment

Peter is coming over. Remember Peter? He’s Lucy’s Friend with Benefits – the slightly annoying, totally flaky guy who nonetheless is not totally shite and selfish in bed and provides Lucy with some much-needed you-know-what when there are no better options on the horizon. If you don’t remember him, you… Tell me more

Friends with Benefits, Part 4 – Benefits

Lucy has a ‘date’ with Peter, her new Friend With Benefits. To find out how on earth a woman as utterly-crap-with-men as Lucy managed to bag herself an actual FWB, click here (this takes you back to the very beginning). Or click here to catch up on what happened last time. Lucy and Peter have… Tell me more

Friends with Benefits, Part 3 – Suspicion

With all the goings-on with Al and Amir, you’ve probably forgotten all about Peter, the guy who works in radio who was only interested in Lucy for One Thing. If you’re new here (in which case, welcome!), or you’d like to refresh your memory, you can read from the beginning… Tell me more

Friends with Benefits, Part 2 – Body Hair

Lucy’s had three dates with Peter who works in radio.  (To read from the beginning, click here.) The third date wasn’t really a date – more an entirely unapologetic and surprisingly acrobatic sex session, after which he vanished completely into thin air. Lucy was just about start googling for news… Tell me more

Friends with Benefits, Part 1 – Booty Call

Peter, the radio guy who slept with Lucy and then disappeared, has resurfaced.  He wants to know if Lucy is free to meet up this Saturday. It’s a tale as old as time, she reflects.  No sooner have you decided not to bother with a guy any more, he starts… Tell me more

Radio Ga Ga, Part 4 – Chasing

After what seemed like a never-ending dry spell which looked like it would only end when our heroine shrivelled up and died from lack of human contact, Lucy has finally had sex with Peter, who works in radio. (To read all about it, click here.) He texts her the next… Tell me more

Radio Ga Ga, Part 3 – Naked

Lucy’s had two dates with Peter, whom she met on Bumble. (To catch up on the last one, click here). Peter is attractive and a great kisser, but it’s clear he’s only interested in one thing.  Lucy feels she ought to be outraged by this, but it’s been months since… Tell me more

Radio Ga Ga, Part 2 – Bravery

It’s late May, and a sunny bank holiday weekend is looming.  Because of the weather Lucy has epilated her legs and painted her toenails, so now she wants to put the pain and effort to good use.  She needs to find a date. She decides to message Peter, the radio… Tell me more

Radio Ga Ga, Part 1 – Kiss

Lucy discovers Peter on Bumble.  He has a great smile and an interesting job in radio.  Lucy is also happy to find that unlike at least half of the lazy fucks on the app, Peter has actually managed to find time in his busy and important life to write a few… Tell me more