The Newly-Single Friend, Part 6 – Ghosting

By now you’re probably all familiar with the ongoing drama with Lucy’s newly-single friend Amir. If you’re not, you can read from the beginning here (you might need a cuppa and a comfy chair for that though).  If you’d prefer a quick recap, the most recent post is here. In… Tell me more

The Newly-Single Friend, Part 4 – Bumble

Lucy has been having a promising flirtation with her charming, handsome and funny friend Amir. To read what happened last time, click here. Lucy and Amir have been mates for over 5 years, but since he broke up with his partner last Christmas their friendship has become increasingly flirty. Amir… Tell me more

The Newly-Single Friend, Part 1 – Beginnings

Lucy’s friend Amir has recently split up from his long-term partner. Lucy and Amir met through work, and have been friends for about five years.  They don’t work together any more, but they have a feisty ongoing WhatsApp chat, and get pissed together every so often. When they met, Lucy… Tell me more

Not down with the kids

Lucy goes on a date with Vincent, a commodities trader in the City.  Lucy already knows from his profile that he’s a handsome guy, but in a startling break from the usual in-the-flesh disappointment, Vincent’s photos actually don’t do him justice.  In real life he is possibly the best-looking man… Tell me more

These charming men

Here are the top three most inappropriate messages Lucy’s received in the last month from men she’s never even met… 3. Just read an article which says that 85% of women are uncomfortable with their s*xuality – u look like a nerdy princess to me so i’m guessing you’re in… Tell me more