The Banter King, Part 2 – First Date

Lucy has a date with Barry from Bumble. (If you missed it, catch up on the story here). Barry is handsome and clever, and the pre-date text banter has been so hilariously brilliant that Lucy’s practically in love with the man already.  In spite of the fact that they’ve yet… Tell me more

The Twitter Date, Part 3 – Meeting

It’s the day of Lucy’s date with Al, the 32-year-old bearded mechanic, lifeboat rescue crew member, and father-of-two who asked Lucy out over Twitter. To read from the start, click here. For the first time in a long time, she’s nervous about a date. This isn’t your usual, run-of-the-mill online… Tell me more

The Twitter Date, Part 2 – Proposal

Lucy has been chatting with a guy on Twitter.  If you missed it, you can read the story so far here. Al is a 32-year old mechanic and lifeboat crew member, and unlike so many of the twats and weirdos out there, actually seems like he might be moderately sane and… Tell me more

The Online Dating Virgin (Part 2)

Lucy has a date with Daniel, who does the same job as her.  Lucy likes Daniel because in his photos he looks like David Tennant.  Not that Lucy is shallow or anything. Daniel is divorced, and this is his first ever online date.  Lucy’s determined to be so impressively witty… Tell me more

The Online Dating Virgin (Part 1)

Lucy has matched with Daniel.  Daniel is 45, has brown hair, and looks a bit like David Tennant.  Lucy is deliriously in love with David Tennant.  She even took up watching Doctor Who, and sat through dozens of ridiculous episodes, because of him.  (So she was bloody relieved when he… Tell me more