15 Ways to be a Better Man while Dating

You might have noticed that guys who use dating apps and websites get rather a bad press. Women frequently complain that the large majority of the men they come across are rude, disrespectful, crass and obnoxious. Cries of ‘Where have all the decent men gone?’ and ‘Why are the good… Tell me more

The Newly-Single Friend, Part 7 – Showdown

We left the story of Lucy and Amir at the point where Amir, who until last year had just been Lucy’s good friend, had asked her out on a date and then cancelled it and vanished. If none of this is making any sense, you’d better catch up first.  Here’s… Tell me more

The Newly-Single Friend, Part 6 – Ghosting

By now you’re probably all familiar with the ongoing drama with Lucy’s newly-single friend Amir. If you’re not, you can read from the beginning here (you might need a cuppa and a comfy chair for that though).  If you’d prefer a quick recap, the most recent post is here. In… Tell me more

The Newly-Single Friend, Part 5 – Cancellation

Lucy has been flirting for weeks with her friend Amir, who recently came out of a long-term relationship. (If you missed it, you can read from the beginning here, or catch up on last week here). The flirting has made Lucy realise she has feelings for Amir.  In fact, quite… Tell me more

Radio Ga Ga, Part 1 – Kiss

Lucy discovers Peter on Bumble.  He has a great smile and an interesting job in radio.  Lucy is also happy to find that unlike at least half of the lazy fucks on the app, Peter has actually managed to find time in his busy and important life to write a few… Tell me more