The Banter King, Part 2 – First Date

Lucy has a date with Barry from Bumble. (If you missed it, catch up on the story here). Barry is handsome and clever, and the pre-date text banter has been so hilariously brilliant that Lucy’s practically in love with the man already.  In spite of the fact that they’ve yet… Tell me more

The Twitter Date, Part 5 – Ending

Lucy is going for a third date with Al, who originally asked her out after a random Twitter exchange about beards. (To read from the beginning, click here) Al is not Lucy’s usual type at all – he is a mechanic and lifeboat crew member with two kids who dropped… Tell me more

The Twitter Date, Part 4 – Revelations

Lucy has had one date with Al, who bravely asked her out over Twitter.  If you missed it, click here to read from the beginning. In spite of the fact that Al sports a full-on lumberjack-style beard, and has a background that is the polar opposite of Lucy’s safe middle-class… Tell me more

Radio Ga Ga, Part 1 – Kiss

Lucy discovers Peter on Bumble.  He has a great smile and an interesting job in radio.  Lucy is also happy to find that unlike at least half of the lazy fucks on the app, Peter has actually managed to find time in his busy and important life to write a few… Tell me more