The ‘Second Anniversary’ Date, Part 3 – Disinterest

A few weeks ago Lucy went on a date with Lewis, the tall silver fox who works as a news producer. If you missed it, click here to catch up. Lucy and Lewis had connected on Tinder in 2015, but never actually met.  But then, in a twist of fate that… Tell me more

The ‘Second Anniversary’ Date, Part 2 – The Date

Lucy has a date with Lewis, whom she first matched with on Tinder two years ago but has never met. (To read from the beginning, click here) Their first correspondence ended when Lewis cancelled their planned date just a few days before. But now, two years later, they have rematched on… Tell me more

The ‘Second Anniversary’ Date, Part 1 – Reunion

Now that things have gone tits up with Lucy’s friend Amir, she’s decided to dive back into the dating pool. But wait.  To understand this next story, we first need to go back, waaay, back, into the mists of time… Well, by ‘waaay back’, I mean two years ago.  And by… Tell me more