Moving to Brighton

Lucy has got a job in Brighton and is moving there for a few months.
She decides to rent out her flat while she’s away. A businessman in a suit comes to see it. He’s in his 50s, married, and still has hair.  Lucy finds him strangely attractive.
Lucy thinks she might need to get a grip.
Later, the man emails to say he’d like to rent the flat.  They agree to meet on the westbound Central Line platform at Notting Hill Gate tube station to hand over keys.  The man jokes that it’ll be like in the film Brief Encounter.
Yeah, if you were younger and single, and the Central Line didn’t smell of armpits, thinks Lucy.
She wonders if the men in Brighton will be better than the self-satisfied timewasters she encounters in London.  Maybe there will actually be some interesting guys there, she thinks, wistfully.
Who is she kidding? All the single men in Brighton will be either gay, socially inept, or arseholes just like the Londoners.
Still, if she’s going to get dicked around and ghosted, she might as well do it by the sea.

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