Top Dating Blogs That Are Actually Blogging About Dating

When I decided to start this dating blog, back in 2017, the first thing I did was google other dating bloggers to see what they were doing. What did I like? What dating stories did I want to read? What sort of online dating experiences was I going to write about?

But I struggled. If you search for things like Top Dating Blogs, or Best Dating Blogs, or even if you narrow it down to UK Dating Blogs, Funny Dating Blogs, or Online Dating Blogs, the results are pretty unsatisfactory. What you mostly get is articles written by a bored web journalist somewhere, who did about ten minutes’ research to produce a list of the same sites that are on everyone else’s top dating blogs lists.

And the blogs on these lists have been doing the rounds for years! Most of them are company dating blogs belonging to various dating apps or websites, or they’re big shiny successful websites belonging to people who used to be dating bloggers ten years ago, but who’ve since moved onto other things (and usually marriage and babies too).  They’re not actually dating bloggers writing about their real experiences.

And that’s what I wanted to find. But I couldn’t, so in the end I gave up and just did my own thing.

Top Dating Blogs

Since then, I’ve built this site, Lucy Goes Dating, into one of the UK’s Top 10 Dating Blogs. I’ve written well over 100 posts, was Highly Commended in the UK Blog Awards, and appeared on BBC Radio (but not telly cos, y’know, anonymity!).

And in the process, I’ve found my way into a community of other fantastic dating bloggers, who are putting themselves out there, right at the coalface of modern dating, going on dates, and sharing their advice and experiences. Bloggers who I think deserve more recognition.

In a way you could say this research took me two years – but it was worth it. So here it is: a proper list of brilliant Dating Bloggers Who Are Actually Blogging About Dating, in no particular order… (but obviously starting with myself because, well, I can!)

1/ Lucy Goes Dating

That’s me! Click the menu options up top to find out more and join me on my adventures, or follow me on Twitter @LucyGoesDating

2/ A Dating Dad

A Dating Dad is a blog written by exactly that – a 30-something dad of four who is dating in the hope of finding his lego block. Following the somewhat shocking breakup of his 18-year marriage, Dating Dad embarked upon a quest to find someone to be the person who he could give the gherkins from his burger to, tracking his thoughts and ideas along the way initially through the blog and latterly also through Twitter and Instagram.Unlike many dating bloggers, A Dating Dad is not a tale of bad dates and woes, rather it is a collection of thoughts, questions and ideas facing daters in this era of swiping. That’s not to say his dates aren’t often disasters, of course, only that these rarely (though not never) make it to the blog.Regularly-written dating blogs are rare, and those written from a male perspective are rarer still. A Dating Dad provides this insight in often funny, occasionally insightful and sometimes thought-provoking weekly posts, and was recognised when named as a finalist in the dating category of the UK Blog Awards 2019.

Plus, he’s hot as fuck (or so he claims). How is the man still single?!

Find him at and on Twitter @adatingdad

Top Dating Blogs

3/ Never Settle

Never Settle, run by Eve Greenow, was founded in 2014, six months after she came out of a 4-year toxic relationship. She felt compelled to write about her newfound issues, her personal dilemmas of Modern Dating, and contribute her little bit to anyone who would listen, of how not to make the same mistakes.

Nowadays, after winning the UK Blog Award 2019 for Dating and being highly commended in 2018, as well as several other nominations, Never Settle focuses on specific content to promote women’s health, dating and love life, as well as offering support in all areas of relationships for both men and women. Never Settle pushes the latest trends to the forefront of discussion, tackling controversial and taboo subjects head on, and looks to provide a range of outcomes to problems, and a way of achieving them, based on a mixture of personal experience and extensive psychological and sociological research. She’s even got her own ASK EVE section where she accepts all your anonymous questions, plus her new podcast.

Eve’s blog wasn’t created to complain, gloat or judge anyone, it’s there as a tool for anyone who wants to make themselves happier, better informed and ultimately more confident in their love lives. It is based on the belief that we only get one life, and you owe it to yourself to be happy.

Find Eve at and on Twitter @evegreenow

Top Dating Blogs

4/ Rainy Bay

Cara aka Rainy Bay is SINGLE AF – but you won’t find her moaning about her lack of Significant Other. Instead, she’s giving you a no-nonsense, no-bullshit guide to modern dating and the highs and lows of finding ‘The One’.A dating and mental health blogger (and persistent over-sharer), Cara says she looks at the world of dating from ‘a chubby girl’s perspective’, with a mission to live her life regardless of waist size or relationship status. An eating disorder survivor, her blog is filled with stories of her dating mishaps, advice on getting over heartbreak, and her dating pet peeve, ‘ghosting’.Cara has been featured in NowWoman and Fabulous magazine, telling her story of recovery and her journey of acceptance (body and love life alike). Rainy Bay is a feel-good blog that explores the highs and lows of looking for love, while asking ‘who even needs a boyfriend anyway?’

Find Cara at and on Twitter @rainybayblog

Top Dating Blogs

5/ Alice In Wonderlust

Best known for being Britain’s most famous virgin, Alice blogs about love and relationships from a fairly unique perspective. Her dating posts range from light-hearted humorous posts, to thought-provoking deep‘n’meaningfuls, to reviews of dating books, apps, and events. She is also running a series called My Love Story, where bloggers discuss their love lives so far and what they have learned. In addition to dating, she blogs about general lifestyle topics, mystical things, and is branching out into the Law of Attraction – and how to apply it to your love life! Alice is best known for appearing on ITV’s This Morning to talk about being a virgin in your twenties, and she also won Best Individual Dating Blog at the 2018 UK Blog Awards and has written for publications including The Telegraph and The Metro. Alice is also currently writing a fiction novel and taking a stand-up comedy course. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, exercise, travel, and spending time with her dog, Poppy.

Alice is at and on Twitter @aliceinwlust

Best Dating Blogs

6/ Bumbling Dad

Bumbling Dad blogs, far too infrequently, about what dating is like when you find yourself unexpectedly single in middle age.

He lives alone in a London ghetto, and while his teenage daughters stay with him regularly, has somehow managed to balance the joy of family life with the serial disappointment delivered by Tinder and Bumble.  He now knows why a profile including just headshots may not be telling the whole truth, what to do when a date creates an unexpected toilet blockage, and how to react when offered a surprise blow job. By his best friend.
Despite these obvious setbacks, Bumbling Dad continues to hope for love.  And to give his unique perspective on what it’s like for a chap approaching Saga eligibility to be searching for a match in the world of online dating.  His is a rare viewpoint on a little-seen world, and you’ll laugh at his lack of success.

Read his adventures at and on Twitter @BumblingD

Best Dating Blogs

7/ No Bad Dates Just Good Stories

No Bad Dates Just Good Stories belongs to Lauren, a dating blogger from London.

Lauren started writing about her experiences after her friends pointed out her continuous bad luck, however she tries to remain positive and believes that bad dates are just an excuse to tell a good story. Top on her list of stories are the guy who asked for a refund for a coffee when she didn’t want to see him again, and the charmer who sent her a text that was meant for his friend describing how the date was going: ‘Not too shabby, reckon I’ll have her back to mine within the hour. P.S. Great rack!’ According to those in the know, she does have a great rack, but she did not go back to his.Lauren is at and on Twitter @UnluckiestDater

Best Dating Blogs

8/ The Girlfriend Experience

This London girl first started blogging because, after 8 years of being consistently single, it was becoming difficult for her to ignore the fact that the majority of men were, in fact, twats. Just kidding… sort of. So she tackled it the only way she could think, with an anonymous blog, a ton of sarcasm and just a pinch of romance (although sometimes she can get so sugary sweet that she can hardly stand making up new ways of saying ‘eye contact’ and ‘spark’).

The (unattainable) Girlfriend Experience tackles everything from dating joys to woes and all the problems that arise in between; including that fickle old friend, mental health. She wants to make all the singletons out there realise that they’re not alone and that she too (along with many others) is going through similar experiences to theirs; including, but not limited to: first dates, great dates, tinder horror stories, misogynists, amazing first kisses, frissons, sleepless nights, texting miseries, ghost stories and tube romances. She thinks her new slogan should be ‘If your dating life is shit, at least you can laugh at mine’.

Find her at and on Twitter  @stillnotagf

Best Dating Blogs

After becoming a step mum at 23, falling out with most of her in-laws and having a pretty questionable dating history which includes a boyfriend who used to pretend to go to work, Laura Lovejoy is no stranger to dating and relationship dilemmas. Her blog, It’s Not Me, It’s You, takes a deep dive into her downright bizarre yet relatable experiences, offering honest advice and hopefully a good laugh at the same time.Covering everything from how the pill impacts mental health to a boyfriend’s guide to fake tanning, It’s Not Me, It’s You is the perfect mix of hard-hitting content that will make you think twice, and light-hearted easy reads. If you’re looking for somewhere you can come to figure out that you’re not mad for wanting to have a cheeky peek at your boyfriend’s phone or to make you feel better after needing to take the morning after pill, then this is the blog for you!

Read her experiences at and on Twitter @Laura__lovejoy

10/ Dater Analysis

Dater Analysis is a psychological therapist who blogs about dating, relationships, psychology and sexual health. She’s in her 30s and lives in London. She loves working in the NHS in mental health. She set up the blog because she feels people aren’t talking enough about sexual and mental health. As dating is hard, she wants to share gems she has learnt from her work. She also loves telling funny stories about ridiculous things that have happened to her.

What makes her blog different is that she often writes, in plain English, about psychological theories or ideas from therapy that help her understand her dating dilemmas and relationship problems. At first her blog told the stories of her single life, and the dates she went on. However, for the last year, she has been in a relationship with a policeman.

Her blog is and on Twitter @dateranalysis

UK Dating Blogs

11/ Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Stop Me is a 40-something gentleman with anecdotes aplenty about the online dating scenes in London and Brighton over the last 10 years or so. Single, never married and with no children, he could be described as forever stupid or forever hopeful. His blog details stories of lovers, girlfriends, friends and unbalanced individuals encountered along the way with gallows humour, frequent disbelief and the odd tear.

Beginning when internet dating was in its infancy and not as socially acceptable or popular as it is now, the entries highlight how dating has changed dramatically since the early noughties with the swipe app now commonplace.

In its simplest form it’s a dating blog, but it could also be viewed as a character study and how a social media driven society attempts to find a mate. It could also be seen as written therapy for the writer. The whole blog is also heavily influenced by the lyrics of The Smiths.

Find him at and on Twitter @swallowtattooed

UK Dating Blogs

12/ Hibachi Chicken

In this unique blog Hibachi Chicken takes you on a journey, and introduces you to every guy she has ever dated. Every awkward dinner, every boyfriend and crush, and every one night stand. She will make you laugh at the food-based names, cry at the heartbreak after a relationship ends, and maybe, just maybe, feel a little less alone in the dating pool. Hibachi is a 20 something year-old woman who has had an interesting relationship with men to say the least. She believes that every date and every relationship, no matter how short lived, can hold lessons to be learned. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and cringe that we can all relate to on some level. Hibachi knows it can be rough out there, and so she writes these stories as a reminder. A reminder that life is short, so get out there, meet some guys, and have fun!

Hibachi Chicken is at and on Twitter @ChickenHibachi

US Dating Blogs

13/ Belle Of Balls

Belle is a 30 something career girl, meandering through the modern world of dating and relationships. What she writes is honest, raw and to the point. There are no holds barred with her writing and she talks frankly about the female side of love, lust and everything in between.
The aim of her blog is to make people understand that they aren’t alone in their experiences. That things happen sometimes that we wish we could change, that strength doesn’t always come easily and most of all, that the biggest lesson in life is to grow to know your own worth.

Read Belle’s adventures at or follow her on Twitter @Belleofballs

14/ Southern Georgia Bunny

Bunny is a petite Feisty Greek belle with a love for words that start with the letter F: Friends, Family, Fur Babies, Fucks.Bunny started blogging five years ago after a failed Tinder date. She had no blogging experience, and also no idea how others would handle her straight forward approach to life. She jumped straight in with a bottle of wine and created Southern Georgia Bunny. Today, not only has she shared many dating fails with her beloved readers (and there have been MANY), but there have also been cooking disasters, road trip scares, sex gone wrong, and a lot of “WHAT THE FUCK” moments.Bunny shares her adventures on her blog in a refreshing, amusing, direct and genuine writing style. She shares her inner thoughts of what real women are thinking, as well as giving ideas, tips, and advice on what the fuck not to do. Grab a bottle of wine and join Bunny on her next escapade. Because folks life is a fucking adventure!

Check out or find her on Twitter @southerngabunnyUS Dating Blogs

Who’s your favourite? Have I missed anyone? Let me know in the comments – or contact me!

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  1. 11th May 2019 / 8:56 pm

    Love seeing all these dating blogs! Can’t wait to check all of them out!

    • Lucy
      11th May 2019 / 9:49 pm

      Thanks Sarah! Hope you find some you like (though not as much as mine! 😉

        • Lucy
          12th May 2019 / 2:36 pm

          You’re too lovely! 🙂

  2. Lizbeth
    17th May 2019 / 7:42 am

    Great dating blogs! I’ll check them out! 🙂

    • Lucy
      18th May 2019 / 8:53 am

      Hope you like them!

  3. Jeanette Mae Camorista
    25th May 2019 / 5:22 am

    Great dating blogs I really love it. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Lucy
      27th May 2019 / 4:01 pm

      Thanks Jeanette!

  4. Ima
    26th May 2019 / 8:20 am

    Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to reading the stories on these blogs. I can already relate with some of them.

    • Lucy
      27th May 2019 / 3:58 pm

      Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog 🙂

  5. AG
    28th May 2019 / 3:15 pm

    Do you know if any of these blogs address open relationships or non-monogamy?

    • Lucy
      31st May 2019 / 6:25 pm

      Hi AG, I’m not sure about the others – you’d have to take a look. However I have addressed my own personal experience of non-monogamy in a series of posts – find the tales of ‘Mr Non-Monogamous’ under the ‘Dates’ tab on the menu if you’re interested.

  6. Anonymous
    31st July 2019 / 7:25 am

    Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to reading the stories on these blogs. I can already relate with some of them.

  7. Anonymous
    25th October 2019 / 12:11 am

    Wow this article was great! I really agree and think that when it comes to meeting and attracting women, what you say is pretty spot on. Many guys struggle to get the love life of their dreams and it’s really awesome people like yourself help others who still struggle.

  8. 24th December 2019 / 5:37 am

    Wow, that’s amazing stuff that you have shared with us. That’s good to know about this kind of informational content. Great job & keep up the good work!

  9. 29th December 2019 / 6:12 pm

    Hi there! I love this blog–thanks for that, but haven’t gotten into it too much yet. First time reading dating blogs.

    I’ve been internet dating now for a year–with very mixed results. Joined three sites so far (ZOOSK is just for booty calls, it seems–sorry ZOOSK!). I also am on Silversingles (for those older than 50–I am 67 now), and on a site for athletes (I can’t remember the name now). Just joined a site that should yield more college graduate level types, which is better. I am looking for a serious long term committed relationship-for LOVE, actually.

    Do you know of sites that avoid shagging for shagging’s sake and concentrate strictly on wanting relationships? Long term ones, at that? And for older individuals? I hear E-Harmony may be such a site.

    I truly believe dating pretty much sucks after the age of 66.

    Thanks, and keep writing!


    • Lucy
      13th January 2020 / 9:57 pm

      Hi Debby, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!
      Sadly I fear dating pretty much sucks at any age! Though I can imagine it’s harder the older you get, especially if you are an active lady who keeps herself in good nick!
      I think Lumen is the dating app for the over 50s though obviously I haven’t tried it! I did try E-harmony many years ago now, though I’m unconvinced on the value of paying for sites these days – everyone just seems to be on the apps, though obviously you have to wade through a lot of shite!
      I wish you all the best in your search though!

  10. Shweta
    7th January 2020 / 11:58 am

    Great. Thanks for sharing such an informative article about “Top Dating Blogs That Are Actually Blogging About Dating”. I will check out these blogs for unique and creative approaches to the modern romantic dinner date night

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