About Lucy

Lucy is a dating veteran.

The word veteran can mean two things. Either it’s a person who has tons of experience in a particular field, or it’s an ex-soldier, someone who has had experience on the front line of a war zone. Lucy is most definitely both.

Lucy has been online dating since she was about 26. She’s now 41.  If you don’t count the 5 years she was in a relationship, that makes around ELEVEN YEARS of her life that she’s been winking, liking, swiping, and clicking her way through the single (and possibly not single, who knows if they’re telling the truth?) men of London. Eleven years!

In that time she’s probably had almost 500 dates (though she lost count years ago), had several short flings, and three internet boyfriends (including The Ex, whom she met on Match.com).

As well as Match, she’s tried MySingleFriend, EHarmony, Guardian Soulmates, Lovestruck, and even, on a particularly bad day, Elite Singles (eurgh!). She’s swiped on Tinder, crossed paths on Happn, made the first move on Bumble, been liked on Hinge, dated on Once just, erm, once, and been completely and utterly ignored by everyone on Inner Circle.  She’s currently 13943th in the queue to join The League.

She’s had fun dates and boring dates, been pursued and ghosted, charmed and cheated on, fallen in love and had her heart broken, and drunk way more wine on a school night than anyone rightly should. She’s met nice guys, dull guys, guys who think they’re God’s gift, inept guys, hopeless wastes of time, some who didn’t look at all like their photos and some who were more attractive in real life, some short, some tall, some super lovely and some total fucking arseholes. And yet in all that time she has yet to meet Mr Right. So she carries on, war-torn and battle-scarred, living to date another day.

Lucy was recently asked how she manages to do that, date after date, year after year, rejection after vanishing act after disappointment. And the answer is this: to be able to survive in this online dating war zone you have to be one of three things: (a) completely deranged, (b) a glutton for punishment, or (c) a hopeless optimist who in spite of all evidence to the contrary still believes that one day you might meet someone who is different. Lucy is a little bit of all three.

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Names and some minor details have been changed to protect the innocent. And sometimes the guilty.