10 Questions With Lucy by Tinderella Worldwide

Have you been wondering who is the real Lucy behind the stories?  Who is the woman behind the giraffe avatar and all the swearing?  If you have, you’re not alone. A few weeks ago Lucy was approached by a lovely lady called Zainab from Tinderella Worldwide.  Zainab is a dating…

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15 Ways to be a Better Man while Dating

15 Ways to be a Better Man while Dating

You might have noticed that guys who use dating apps and websites get rather a bad press. Women frequently complain that the large majority of the men they come across are rude, disrespectful, crass and obnoxious. Cries of ‘Where have all the decent men gone?’ and ‘Why are the good… View Post
Names and some minor details have been changed to protect the innocent. And sometimes the guilty.