The Work Crush, Part 2 – Weekend

As you probably know by now, Sod’s law dictates that it’s completely and utterly im-fucking-possible for Lucy to meet a guy who boasts the two crucial qualities of being (a) not a cunt and (b) not already spoken for.  She comes across nice guys and dickheads, hot ones and ones…

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The Work Crush, Part 1 – Smitten

The Work Crush, Part 1 – Smitten

While Lucy waits to see if there will be a fourth date with Josh, the Geography teacher, let’s take a little detour and talk about something else for a bit… One of the things Lucy regularly struggles with is the fact that, as much as she loathes the fuckwittery and… View Post
Names and some minor details have been changed to protect the innocent. And sometimes the guilty.